Turner to Cézanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection, National Museum Wales

Authors: Colin B. Bailey, Paul Greenhalgh, Oliver Fairclough
Publishers American Federation of Arts, Hudson Hills Press (2009)
Dimensions:  9 × 10 in.
Format: Softcover, 176 pp
ISBN: 978-1-885444-37-0

Price: $39


Turner to Cézanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection follows British collectors Gwendoline and Margaret Davies and their impressive, vast acquisitions of Realist, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist art. This unique book, which was published to coincide with a major traveling exhibition, offers insight into the development of art theory and practice at this highly pivotal moment in art history. By contextualizing each movement within its larger temporal framework, readers are offered the unique experience of viewing the artistic progression toward modernism in a linear format. The rich development of this artistic epoch can at last be admired in the form of one cohesive tome, thanks to the remarkable Davies Collection.

About the Author(s)

Colin B. Bailey is the Director of the Morgan Library & Museum, Paul Greenhalgh is the Director of the Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts Director, and Oliver Fairclough is the Director of the National Museum of Wales. Also included are catalogue entries by Bryony Dawkes and Bethany McIntyre, both of whom are currently established curators at the National Museum of Wales.


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