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Available to Museums

The AFA creates exhibitions of exceptional quality, variety, content, and educational value through a multi-step exhibition development process. The AFA team both receives exhibition proposals from outside sources and collaborates closely with guest curators, artists, collectors, and museum partners to develop new exhibitions. As part of a scrutinous internal process, the AFA evaluates exhibitions for curatorial and artistic quality, financial and logistical viability, as well as opportunities to engage audiences. A select number of proposals are then presented to the AFA’s Exhibition Committee. This group of highly knowledgeable museum directors and art professionals deepens the vetting process, considering especially the intended audience, scholarly quality, social ramifications, the economics of the exhibition, and more. After reviewing the Exhibition Committee feedback with the organizing partners, the AFA either enters a stage of reconsideration and redevelopment, or refines the proposal, budget, and checklist, then begins identifying venue collaborators to present our newest exhibition.