Conversations with a Curator

Museums and the Future of Engagement – Augmented and Virtual Reality

As we find ourselves in this unprecedented time, with museums shuttered and travel halted, the question of how we experience and access art has been brought to the fore. Museums continue to grapple with preexisting methods of audience engagement and look to other ways to invite visitors into their spaces.

Enter Boulevard Arts, a company that has made it its mission to make art, architecture and culture available to anyone with internet access. Using immersive technology like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, Boulevard Arts seeks to provide arts-based experiences that anyone can access through their own devices.

AFA’s Director of Curatorial Affairs, Andrew Eschelbacher, sat down with Elizabeth L. Reede, Founder/CEO of Boulevard Arts to discuss the role that technology can play to expand engagement and foster meaningful and equitable access to museums and other cultural institutions.


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