AFA Statement about NEA and NEH

The American Federation of Arts affirms the vital role that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) plays in making art accessible to people across the nation. For over one hundred years, the American Federation of Arts has endeavored to help museums of all sizes bring art of the highest quality to their communities, and it does so both with the important support of the NEA’s Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Program and grants for upcoming exhibitions.

Museums and cultural organizations inspire and offer a safe space where one can view and understand other cultures and another person’s experience. In addition to significantly contributing to strengthening our social fabric, they also add substantial value to our economy. According to Cultural Times, a study carried out by EY Advisory in 2015, the cultural industries influence income generation, job creation, and export earnings. They also boost the attractiveness of cities and act as a catalyst for urban development. Without the support of the NEA, many museums and arts organizations will suffer greatly, negatively impacting their ability to serve their communities, and thereby weakening our society and our economy.


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