POSTPONED ArtViews 2019: Lines of Influence: Curatorial Mentorship


Lines of Influence: Curatorial Mentorship

A new generation of curators across traditional museum settings, arts non-profits, and those with independent curatorial practices, are grappling with the state of the 21st century art world, creating and innovating new ways to attract new audiences, and engaging in forms of activism to make more visible the communities that have largely been excluded from narratives of art history. With this charge, who then are the curatorial voices and mentors they turn to?

Together we will explore questions such as: What are the inherent challenges for a new generation of curators? How can curatorial mentorship help in shaping their practice? What does this new generation of curators need from mentors and mentorship? How do curatorial mentors themselves benefit from mentoring emerging curators in the field? Thinking of the future of the curatorial field, how do we build meaningful curatorial mentorship programs both within institutions and beyond?

Frances Wu Giarratano, Director of Exhibitions, American Federation of Arts, New York, NY

Grace Aneiza Ali, Independent Curator, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow in the Department of Art & Public Policy at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York, NY

Jenny Jaskey, Director & Curator, The Artist’s Institute, New York, NY

Mia Locks, Independent Curator

Renaud Proch, Curator & Executive Director, Independent Curators International, New York, NY

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