Upcoming Exhibition

Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem

This is the first exhibition to explore the creative exchange between two exceptional figures of twentieth-century American culture, the photographer Gordon Parks and the writer Ralph Ellison.

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Limited availability in 2020 and 2021


Presentation Period: 12 weeks

Space Required: Approx. 200 linear feet, plus vitrines to accommodate approx. 30 linear feet of archival material


Margery King, Curator, mking@amfedarts.org, 212.988.7700, ext. 246


A fully illustrated, 185-page exhibition catalogue has been published by Steidl. The catalogue includes an essay by the exhibition’s curator, as well as contributions by Jean-Christophe Cloutier, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania; John F. Callahan, Morgan S. Odell Professor of Humanities at Lewis and Clark College; Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr., Executive Director, The Gordon Parks Foundation; and Matthew S. Witkovsky, Richard and Ellen Sandor Chair and Curator of Photography, the Art Institute of Chicago.

Guest Curator

Michal Raz-Russo is the David C. and Sarajean Ruttenberg Associate Curator of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. Among her exhibitions are Never A Lovely So Real: Photography and Film in Chicago, 1950–80 (2018); Sharp, Clear Pictures: Edward Steichen’s World War I and Condé Nast Years (2014); Dayanita Singh (2014), and The Three Graces (2011). She is also curator of the biennial Ruttenberg Contemporary Photography Series, which has featured new work by artists Leigh Ledare (The Plot, 2017) and Deana Lawson (2015).


Organized by the American Federation of Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, and The Gordon Parks Foundation