What is the American Federation of Arts?

As a nonprofit organization, the American Federation of Arts is governed by a Board of Trustees composed equally of museum professionals and private citizens who share a passion for art and believe that access to art is an integral part of a strong and free society.

What does the AFA do?

We organize traveling exhibitions of works of art from all cultures and periods, and publish scholarly catalogues.

The objects for these traveling exhibitions are borrowed from the collections of museums, universities, corporations, artists, and collectors from around the world.

In order to organize projects of such diversity and quality, the AFA works with foundations, corporations, and individuals to help mitigate the cost of organizing and touring an exhibition. In addition, through partnering with museums, the venues presenting AFA exhibitions help each other by sharing many of the logistical costs. Without these traveling exhibitions, many museums, universities, and art centers could not afford to present programs of the same quality and scope.

Where is the AFA active?

The majority of our exhibitions are presented in the United States; however, our projects have traveled to Canada, Latin America, and Asia.

Our publications, in conjunction with the traveling exhibitions, are distributed both domestically and abroad to museums, libraries, universities, and AFA members, through the publishers we partner with.

How are AFA exhibitions administered?

A board composed of museum directors, curators, and other specialists, in cooperation with our staff, review all programs to insure that the quality and pertinence of each project meets the AFA’s standards of excellence.

AFA curators work in conjunction with guest curators to apply their scholarship to each project. These projects become a reality through the efforts of our staff, which is responsible for the many steps required in creating such programs.

How is the AFA supported?

The AFA is supported by annual contributions from the Board of Trustees, by national membership dues, program fees, grants, endowments, and gifts.

  • The AFA has an active Membership program that provides special access to the arts through private exhibition tours, visits to private collectors, artist studio visits, fairs and other art-related events. Membership dues help support the development of new exhibitions.
  • Corporations are encouraged to sponsor exhibitions on a national basis.
  • Foundations and government agencies are asked to support exhibitions, publications, and special programs, or help underwrite our operational expenses.
  • All donations to the AFA help guarantee our continuing financial stability and ensure our ability to implement our plans for future growth.

All grants and gifts to the AFA are tax deductible.